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A perfect evening for the dry fly on the "Holl".

For the fly fishing enthusiast Lomond Hills Fisheries provide a wonderful opportunity to test your skill, and fishing tackle, to the limit. Whether it be early season sunk line fishing with lures to spring and summer floatlining with traditionals, dries, buzzers and other imitative patterns the fishery always proves to be a real sporting challenge. Also, don't forget the "back end fishing" when deadly patterns such as the daddy can be tremendously effective with the superbly conditioned trout.

Holl and Harperleas Reservoirs offer everything for the dedicated fly fisherman.

Top Fly Patterns

Early Season: Black Tadpole; Viva; Dawson's Olive; Yellow Dancer

Dawson's Olive Gold Head; very effective as a point fly in a team of three.

Spring: Pheasant Tail Nymph; Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear; Black buzzer; Damsel Nymph

Black buzzer, flexi floss style; excellent when inched back on a floating line.

Summer: Bibio; buzzers (all sorts!); up-winged dries; cdc's; muddlers; Kate McLaren

Kate McLaren; top brown trout fly - fish it on the top dropper too!

Autumn: Daddy long legs; minkies; rabbitisers;

The Daddy is a great top of the water pattern on a windy day - especially in late season.