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Quality Fishing in the Mighty Kingdom

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site and we hope that it becomes a regular visit for you - we also hope that the fishery does too! This new site will keep you up to date with all that is going on with regular catch reports and information on top flies and methods. Lomond Hills Fisheries offers the angler, experienced and novice alike, fishing at its best. From top quality boat fly fishing for rainbows and browns to bait and spinning from the bank our three reservoirs provide something for everyone, and all in the beautiful location of the Fife Regional Park.

We have been running the fishery for three seasons now and have built up a loyal clientele of individuals and clubs who appreciate the location and the quality of the fishing. This is just not a "put and take" experience, it is much more than that; although only half an hours drive from Scotland's capital you feel that you are truely in the country. One of the most magical experiences is to share your fishing with our regular summer visitors who fish for free - the Ospreys! Few anglers would ever begrudge watching these fantastic avian predators in action and they can be seen on a regular basis at the fishery; perhaps they too appreciate the fishing on offer?

Our three reservoirs vary in size from Holl, the largest at 42 acres, offering fly only boat and bank fishing to Drumain which at 6.5 acres provides any method fishing to suit all tastes. Harperleas, the highest placed in the series and standing at 39 acres provides the dedicated brown trout angler the chance to really "get away from it all". These options mean that no matter the level of angling experience and choice of method employed there is something for everyone to be found at Lomond Hills Fisheries.